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Current mood is: being that person who’s going to rain on the meeting parade because she lives the furthest from campus and dislikes driving on a major highway on a football + festival weekend. :)

Picked these up over the weekend. They are heavy! But I have 0 regrets.

Went out for breakfast over the weekend and a friend of mine decided a series of photos of Champ licking my face were a thing that had to be caught.

Hypocritical aspect of myself:

  • Often say I do not give a shit what people think of my quality of work particularly as I near the end of this course of study
  • Secretly flipping the fuck out I got a B on an assignment and commentary stating I lacked confidence in my knowledge of the subject coupled with a recommendation I visit the writing center
  • Thing that does not help I have never, ever been told to go to a writing center to up the quality of my work
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Afternoon rebagel

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Lindsey Stirling.  u_u

rebagel for the folks who missed it last night.

We had an exercise in my materials class this week that, looking back on it, makes me sort of sympathize/pity my classmates with little to no real work experience now.  Or, if they have it, in a place with secure, ample funding.

Basically we had to make judgment calls about where we’d stick certain items in our collections in different rooms in our pretend building.  Each room had different problems and things to be concerned about.  All of them had risks.

And I got the feeling a large number of them were really worried about getting a ‘right’ answer or making the ‘correct’ choice when ultimately that will never ever happen for them in real life for archives. They wanted monitors for temp and humidity in every room, we could only monitor 3.  The silk fabric we had needed to be rolled up but we put it in a box instead! We can’t de-accession anything because our donors are wealthy! 

So they hemmed and hawed and fretted and I was just over there thinking “Yeah, sorry ducks, welcome to how it really works for the bulk of our institutions, buckle up and try not to get too jostled.”

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I also made one of those silly timid handholding doodles kill me

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I’ve been listening to a lot of Lindsey Stirling.  u_u

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I got a sword boyfriend. u xu

Class doodles from todaaaay

kuduslut replied to your post: I should probably point out that I lik…

and the part where the position of a cast shadow is used for location reference without taking into account time of year

Or rubbing a campaign button from the 1700s with your bare hands instead of cotton gloves.

Or that the scaffolding beneath that church would very likely have collapsed either from rotting wood, or the nails rusting away because they weren’t galvanized.