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Some doodles while I wrap up this last week of school.

This parent dove was giving me the side eye over being 3 feet from the baby.

- Unknown (via aphreodite)

Oh thank goodness that angry library post dethroned the butt thumbnail.

Freed from the butt.

Bless you all.

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Shhh shhh all is forgiven 

Besides in the scheme of things the value of those scrolls of Maferath is way more than just a bit of gold

And hey if the area around Haven by DA:I is a total ruin, you saved a thing!

… Yeah I may as well stop fooling myself right now.

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A thing I made for a friend of his Wildstar character… who is basically a telekinetic pink space hamster mad scientist.

This is part of a bigger image I’m still working on but if that goes to pot I at least have THIS.

Ahhh, the privileged white dudes who haven’t used libraries in years so don’t know anything about a modern library never fail to let me down in letting me know just why my job is unnecessary and obsolete in the 21st century!

For the record, I have a Kindle, buy books for said Kindle, enjoy said Kindle.

The ‘Netflix subscription model’ for ebooks is not a library, that’s all I’m saying. A library is much much more than a room full of books, as Ingrid says.

There’d be so much tulle involved.

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Look! It’s me! This is the bane of being on the internet. Work forever on detailed piece - moderate reaction. Butts and stupid faces that take 15 min - Most attention. INTERNET.

It’s not so much the quality of the butt in question as the fact that every time I go to that page it’s staring at me. I’m just like



that’s the bit you’re making the thumbnail for


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Trufax the weight of the average elementalist is the equivalent of sack of potatoes.  This means when there is a mob you can’t solo you can simply pick them up and run away.  This may not deter the occasional ele from giving a parting shot.

This is by no means a complaint but it kills me just a little bit that the post with the most notes for this Tumblr right now is one where I drew a guy’s butt.

Mostly because the thumbnail for said post looks like this:

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Fixed some things, then painted some more, good god really there’s a third person in this, why.