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Some brush pen doodles I made today after re-finding this collection of them I had been hoarding. >_> Trying to get back into drawing as a habit now that class is done. j uj

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So this is also going on the to-do list but I read Windblade #1 and basically I want Chromia to be my giant space-robot wife, okay.

Game is still 6 months away, and yet. One set of my Warden-Hawke-Inquisitor, a warrior-mage-rogue set.

Champ posed for bluebonnet portraits such a good boy.


It’s Friday so time for a little bit of silly. I try to keep this blog for my art but occasionally we have to shake things up. Besides, what’s more artistic than Mikkelsen’s face? XD

This was a project I coordinated as a birthday gift to my sister, who happens to love sloths and coincidentally Mads Mikkelsen. I did the only logical thing and combined them with the help of many wonderful friends who pitched in. The result is hilarious and the most fun I’ve had making a gift in a long time. Some people even went on to draw SUPER CUTE illustrations of Mads with sloths, but I don’t feel comfortable posting their art so I’ll let them do that! However I had a hunch the internet would enjoy our photoshop delinquency. 

Tumblr doesn’t let me upload more than 10 images at a time but I implore you to also check out January, February, and March as well. They’re all so good. 

Thank you to bluealaris, lohkay, zimmay, finnichang, starthistle, lyndztanica, zetallis, lovemilkbun, pyawakit, akemi-k, darthbennett, and gneeworks for humoring me with this silly project. 

I had a hand in this and absolutely no shame or regrets about doing it. If anything I am fervently praying the Hannibal folks find it for laughs.

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Here is the final poster for the #MiyazakiCollab over twitter: all 138 contributors! :) If I miss anyone, please let me know! 

This collaboration focuses on the characters that are in the films that Miyazaki directed and/or screenwritten and starting from Go Panda! Go (1972) (Pre-Ghibli) and have a cut off at The Wind Rises (2013) (his “last” film) and anime series Sherlock Hound (1984), with two shorts, On Your Mark (1995) and Mr. Dough and the Egg Princess (2010).

It is arranged in chronological order. The link to the larger view of this poster is here. (please do not sell/alter/claim that you did all this hard work of all these artists, direct link):

List of contributors (as well as other collabs and art jams): http://tinyurl.com/miyazakicollab

This collab was mentioned in a article written by Simone Collins (Founder of artcorgi): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/simone-collins/online-artists-thanks-hayao-miyazaki_b_5118937.html as part of the Collabs of 2013-2014.

To those to sign up, contributed, being extremely patient to yours truly: thank you, and if please take part in art-jamz if you can. I really hope you guys can take part in and there might be fanart-related prompts in the future. :)

To conclude I want to post these videos (including the On Your Mark music video, thanks to rollround for mention this video).

http://vimeo.com/48043470 <- On Your Mark music video 
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So helpful.

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A quickie print thing I made on a quick break from the existential dread of my life that is Microsoft Word.

So I’m stupidly busy writing essays and other lame things but I just wanted to say that ladyzolstice is not only a wonderful artist but a super nice lady.  LOOK AT MY GIRLS, LOOK AT THEM.

- Bill Moyers in the foreword to this beautiful photographic love letter to libraries (via explore-blog)
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A Kudu for a pretty great lady.

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I already proudly proclaim you are one of my most interesting friends so yeah, I think that’s established.  :D  I need to go to a bout with you once class is done this semester.