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You can specify any number of characters you want. You may also specific something you want to hear about, but not too specific. :>

ex: ★ Fears 

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inking is very soothing~

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Episode 300 of the romance anime: naptime.

Rebagel because I updated the file. It was too light on my other monitor which was highly displeasing to me. >:[

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Episode 300 of the romance anime: naptime.

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Maybe it’s just the monthlies acting up or maybe it’s my birthday in two weeks, but I’ve been hit with a horrid case of what I like to call the ‘mediocrities’ today.

It’s most likely due to the first thing up there (thanks, reproductive organs and hormones) but every once in a while I just tend to look at the things I make and start playing that always unfair game of ‘compared to [x] this is such butts’.

The resulting malaise usually amplifies itself depending upon factors like [x]’s age, # of followers, # of notes, and other things that logical me knows are all in the scheme of things irrelevant.

I know all this very well and yet here I am, squinting at my own things, unable to see any kind of growth but very able to see where compared to others I fall ever so short, and trying to puzzle out what they’ve conquered to see how I can do better, all the while also questioning what others are even seeing in me anyway.

IDK, it generally passes but some days you just want to slap your own brain around for being a jerk, am I right?

dalishmarshmallow replied to your post: I had class from 9 am to 3 pm tod…

God I love you, why don’t we go to the same school where we can look down our noses at freshman together?

Because neither Berkeley nor UT could handle it clearly.

It’s too bad because you would love my morning professor; at the end of class she registered 3 people to vote, brought up sexism, and then said she was as far left politically as it got 

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also i 100% approve of you being the surly mom in your classes

/aggressively bakes everyone cakes and tells them to go to bed on time

god it’s true, it really is

kuduslut replied to your post: I had class from 9 am to 3 pm tod…

"changed her relationship with chewing and swallowing" yeah that doesn’t sound like an eating disorder at all :|

I did not catch the entirety of the first half of her convo so unfortunately I am not sure yet — I think I heard something about having surgery so she couldn’t eat?? But yeah I am suspicious. :/  Because you can’t  tell me you can go 6+ hours with no kind of sustenance that is not how bodies work.

I had class from 9 am to 3 pm today and here’s a breakdown of how well I think that is going to go

  1. my 9 am class teacher is a tiny soft-spoken darling woman who says things like ‘I’d make the worst kind of absolute dictator’ and showing me pictures of her dog
  2. noon class teacher is the same lady I constantly wondered if I was liked or loathed and she is much warmer to me this semester I GUESS I’M IN???
  3. one of my old student workers is now in grad school with me
  4. grave mistake I made in my choices: both of my classes are in classrooms where no food or drink is allowed
  5. no regular infusions of coffee
  6. no coffee for 6+ hours
  7. no. food.
  8. I think I’m setting myself up to be the antagonistic jerk in class but I can’t help myself a girl went on a rant about all these ‘shallow girls in wedge heels’ who lined up to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met whereas she was a true art lover and I straight up said I skipped out on all the Picasso at the Houston Museum of Fine Art for the exhibit on Diego Rivera because I did not have time nor desire to spend 3 years in that museum trying to see everything.
  9. And then I may have made an argument that I hope some forgeries of works by modern artists survive to be recognized as cultural pieces in their own way because that in of itself is the story of human culture
  10. And then in the noon class where my prof asked me what computers were for I said media consumption because everyone was trying to be cute and said things like ‘research’ ‘documentation’ ‘finances’ ‘school’ and I was like PFFFFF right sure none of you have an Amazon account that’s adorable
  11. but seriously the food thing was a stupid decision on my part
  12. to the girl who said she ‘changed her relationship with chewing and swallowing’ and lives off protein shakes I’m glad someone can do that but it ain’t me and I’m hungryyyyyy
  13. Is it October yet

For National Dog Day, the king doofus himself.

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This totally isn’t getting finished before school starts but hopefully it’ll be finished before Christmas.

For some friends who like playing them some Dark Souls 2.

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I have a tiny sketchbook the size of my hand and I’ve missed working with brush pens

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a sketch commission for lyndztanica of her cute gw2 oc honourah!!

I asked elemei at quite possibly the last possible minute for a commission of my spoiled magical baby

Money well spent and elemei was wonderful to work with, if commissions ever reopen I suggest all of you throw money elemei’s way do it do it do iiiit