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Warmups, something resembling my Lavellan, and a couple of Asura grumpy-pants having a stare-down.

I wonder how painful it would be for myself if I redrew that old artbook idea I had. It would be very painful.

A bunch of things from the past couple of weeks, in between a printing workshop, Dragon Age, and a Memorial Day weekend I spent half of hungover. Including both of my Wardens, because it’s been ages since I’ve played anything with a story line I’ve felt at all invested in.  I still have about 3 months before graduate school; I’m fairly certain that’s going to be eaten up with drawing and playing Mass Effect once I purge the fantasy from my system (then again, Brave comes out in 2 weeks… hnnnggggg). 

Sorry for the lack of updates, this spring is ridiculous.  In good news, the tablet I ordered forever ago finally came!  I can’t wait for summer to hit so I’ll have more off-time to figure it out.  j xj

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